Lathiem Oakborn

Goliath Wild Warden


Lathiem_Oakborn.jpgThe Warden Lathiem is an enormous Goliath in his early 30’s. He is 7’8" tall with tanned skin, dark eyes and red-brown hair, bleeched in places by the same acid that has left him horribly scarred on one side of his face.

As a member of the Iron Wolf tribe, Lathiem travels as a mercenary and duellist, seeking honour and glory through his victories and conquests. When adventuring with other heroes, Lathiem is a loyal protector who will lay down his life to protect others. Although he is unconcerned with material gains he works for coin to pay for supplies which allow him to continue his journey to build his reputation as a renowned warrior.

Lathiem struggles to fit in around cities and prefers to avoid them or stay for as short a time as possible, he prefers the comfort of the wild. The nuances of society and politics are lost on him and he believes that most problems should be resolved in an honest duel.

Exiled from his tribe for killing a fellow warrior while lost in bloodlust, this act haunts him and he lives to protect others and regain his honour through his reputation. Lathiem lives for battle but is learning to control his rage and prefers to let others handle diplomatic situations or tactics and strategy. Once a battle is joined he is a force to be reckoned with, using terrain and his superior size and reach to control the field.


Class: Wild Warden
Race: Goliath
Alignment: Neutral
Vision: Normal
Role: Defender
Languages: Common and Giant
Background: Broken Lands
Theme: Iron Wolf Warrior
Weapon: Glaive


Calm and considered, except in the middle of battle where his bloodlust can take over.

Under stress
Instinct and survivalism

To be renowned as a hero and adventurer
To regain honour in the eyes of his tribe, although he is no longer exiled, he is still ashamed and will not return until he can calm his bloodlust.
To slay the brown desert dragon Varexis, the only creature to whom Lathiem has fallen in battle and who left him badly scarred.

Friends & enemies
Lathiem keeps to himself for the most part and has few friends. Among them are his friends from youth before he left the Iron Wolf tribe:

  • Sasha the ranger
  • Rakis the barbarian
  • Djent the druid

Lathiem generally does not hold a grudge and has only one real enemy, the brown desert dragon Varexis. Varexis is now a young adult dragon but was still a juvenile almost 10 years ago when Lathiem encountered him in the desert and foolishly pitted himself against the beast. Lathiem only just survived the encounter but is badly scarred down one side of his face as a result of the dragon’s acid breath attack.

Lathiem Oakborn

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