Belgos Orlytlar

Drow Druid


Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard
Age: 83
Build: Medium / Athletic
Height: 5’8
Weight: 160lbs
Alignment: Good
Vision: Low Light (no penalty in dim light)
Roll: Controller
Deity: Pelor
Languages Known: Common, Elven

Hair: White, long and flowing.
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: long robes made of cloth that are loose fitting.
Skin: Black skin


Looks down on everyone
Likes to keep himself to himself (and his bear)
Only looks out for himself

quick to find the best route out for him

Under stress


Belgos escaped his homeland when a plot emerged to murder him after he was framed for killing his family.
Belgos look down on everyone, he divides people into two groups slaves and those who are not yet slaves
He is searching for kronril who can clear his name of murdering his family.
Belgos discovered his bear on his first expedition out of his homeland the deep underground in the forbidden forest. Being a druid they can naturally form links with the bear and are now inseparable
Belgos is looking to go on an adventure to help ease the grieve of losing his family and to find his way in the outside world until he can clear his name

his goal is to find Kronril and return to his people and start his life again.
I would like to see Belgos find who ever killed his family and get revenge

Friends & Enemies
His only friend is his bear who follows him wherever he goes.
His enemies are elves who are sworn enemies to drow, he doesn’t really like anyone as he believes everyone is beneath him

His fondest memories are of following Pelor who is the God of summer, he would sit in the forbidden forest for hours basking in the sun
Belgos has vivid memories of being beaten as a child and waking up to screams as his family were murdered by hooded men
Belgos remembers meeting his bear companion, Orson, who has become his greatest friend to help him deal with his grief

Belgos Orlytlar

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